Live, Laugh, and Love

The world encourages us to pursue life, happiness, and love. But if we go after these things in a selfish sort of way, even if we get ahold of some of it, it may never taste as good as they made it out to be. But, if we find our lives in the hands of a loving Savior, all of a sudden, each piece of the puzzle becomes a blessing. Living becomes a joy because we are walking with the King of Kings. Our laughter is not tied to the party crowd but is something that wells up from the joy of knowing the Lord. Love is not infatuation, lust, or a feeling. It is a sea that we swim in of the Father´s love. It carries us and sweeps us where the Lord would have that love to overflow. So yes, by all means, seek these things, but seek first the Kingdom of God! Then, all the real living, the reals laughter, and the real love will mean so much more


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