Every Step

Many different ways of thinking are being pushed around today or bombarding our souls. We may not see it, but they are all jostling to get into our heads and conform us to them. Having to choose our way to think about God also needs to be decided on. Even not deciding is a choice and it is not on the side of God. If a person chooses to believe in Christ these days, quite often that person is thrown into this sea of choices. We must choose which way to think about God and there are a lot of different churches to choose from. It can be quite confusing trying to find the one who has the best doctrines. But this confusion has crept in there on purpose. It is called evil.

Evil wants us to be confused about God. The deceiver has been hard at work since before humans came on the scene to rob souls of their chance to be with God. When all is said and done, though, the bottom line is God. We need Him. We need a Savior. We need to go from wherever we are and grow closer to Him. When any soul discovers this, then it does not matter where they find themselves standing. The Holy Spirit is here. He is ready to lead each of our steps. Set these hearts of ours on growing closer to the Lord every single day, and pray for help from Heaven. We will make progress if we get serious enough about our decision. We will have the Lord for a destination and our future will become more secure with every step we take closer to Him! The closer we get, the more of Him we will see and the more of His wonders we will see! Have a blessed journey today!


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