Get Close Enough

It takes a miracle for a child of God to turn from the distractions of our day. But once we sense in our heart a desire to come near and get to know Him. Every step closer we come brings new joys, new enlightenment, and new blessings! The beauty of it is that our hearts go out to the Lord, and as we come to know Him more, we see more and more just how He is at work all around us. Even in our hearts God is actively moving to bring us closer still to Him. As our spiritual awareness sharpens by deeper examination, we start to see the magic, the wonder, the beauty that is our God. His power, His love, and His wisdom become infinitely more clear to us! It will blow us away! And, when we get still enough, and close enough, we will be able to witness His miracles as they unfold before our very eyes! Draw near to Christ today, you will be thrilled with each discovery His presence will bring!


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