The Sweet Moments

When we look back on the sweetest moment of our lives, they are most always times that we shared with someone else. The moments are precious gems to be cherished forever. But those moments that are so dear to us are not limited to times spent with other humans. We can spent precious times with the Lord. We can walk with Him in the cool of the day. We can look forward to our moments in the garden. We can steal away and seek out those gems where we come together. Any moment spent in the presence of the Lord is an investment in our future. Pray that we will have an endless future with our Savior to come to know Him fuller and be thrilled with endless discoveries, one after the other. But pray also that our days here now are increasingly filled with priceless moments that we can be with the God we love!

Dear Lord,

Increase our love for You until it moves us always to seek You and our moments with You, We pray,



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