Mother´s day rolled around. The times did not lend for buying extravagant gifts. The woman´s husband and kids did not know what to do for her. It did not seem like there was any gift they could give her that would make her feel as special as she really was. She worked so hard and sacrificed everything for their little family. How could they ever show her how appreciated she was? They printed up a photo of the family and laminated it in plastic. They started cutting out butterflies and hearts from construction paper they had around the house. When she came home they had the table set with flowers and decorations that they had made. Her squeals of joy turned the whole house into rejoicing! Do we know that the ones who look to Christ will soon have reason to rejoice?

There is a lot that seems to be wrong with our world. There is a lot of evil and hatred. There are far too many people out there who are just looking for a chance to take advantage of us. But the Scriptures tell us of a coming day when that will all change. Those who have been cruel and deceiving will have to pay for their crimes. There will be rejoicing in Heaven and on earth. We will have much to celebrate. Tears and crying will soon be dried up. We will be able to come directly into the presence of our Heavenly Father! We will live with Him! Can we sense the anticipation building up inside our hearts?

Dear Lord,

Thank You for your promises of happy days to come. Please help us learn of You and grow close to You in heart, and soul, and Spirit now! Prepare us for rejoicing with You, we pray!



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