Our Measure

Many professed believers are extremely zealous. But what we are zealous for will mean much more than we know. If we spend our lives fighting for or defending the letter of our churches, we are like the Pharisees. If we get down on the floor with a friend in pain to show them their wrongs, we are like the friends of Job. If we set out on missions and crusades to grow numbers of followers, we can become like the super-apostles who tried to get Paul´s coverts to circumcise themselves and submit to the customs of the same church that crucified our Savior. But, if our passion is not set on all these earthly things, if it is an overwhelming adoration and personal love affair with Christ, then we just might be saved from a world of lesser pursuits! Let´s pray that we desire to be the most in love with the Lord and be saved from our deceiving hearts!

Matthew 10:47


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