God Brought Us To This

It is a kind of disbelief to say that God does not see the trouble we encounter in life. Our problem is not that we face struggles in life, but what we do to get through them. If we were able to see exactly what God was working on when He allowed our situation to develop, we surely would not stress the same way. If we truly trusted God with the outcome of every predicament, we would not waste our time feeling sorry for ourselves. We could jump straight into bending our hearts into line with His. We could step closer to Him with every opportunity we get to lay more of our lives and hearts in His hands. If we could see how precisely God is leading the entire universe step by step through His master plan of bringing our souls Home to Him, we would be able to rejoice as the fathers of our faith did through their sufferings. Pray for the size of faith that lets God steer us ever forward in our faith. Pray for progress in our relationship with Him that grows with every trial and not just every blessing. Many blessings come from sources that were disguised as a form of tragedy.


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