Feeling Down

We are prone to discouragement and self-pity. When times get tough we start feeling sorry for ourselves and wonder how could this be happening to us. This way of thinking is wrong! The whole line of this kind of thought is wrong because it tries to rob God of being with us at this moment and accuses Him of not dealing correctly with the details of our life. The more we lend our hearts to grumbling about our situation, the more we reveal that we hold a deeper love for ourselves. We can easily correct our situation by placing God back on His throne in our hearts. This is why people pray for His will to be done. The moment we are living right now is precisely where God knows we need to be! Our relationship to Him and where our souls are is the real important matter. That we feel we deserve better is not the issue. Fix where we stand with Christ, and everything else falls where it should! So the next time we think we are a failure, thank the Lord for caring enough, to bring us to this point. Ask Him to work whatever wonder He has prepared for us that needed us to come to this. Then step forward, closer to Christ than we were a moment before, and walk on with Him in a heightened level of faith!


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