Blessing in Disguise

If we look up the old Chinese parable of the man who lost his horse in Wikipedia, we can read a story of how bad luck often brings good luck. It also hints at the idea that good luck can bring bad luck. If we are willing to consider that there is a God who sees all and knows all, then we may come away with an infinitely more positive direction. Although we may not see the end from the beginning, we can place our hope in the fact that He does. God has worked hard to show us that our existence has been carefully planned from the beginning. He has a wonderful future prepared for us together with Him. When bad luck falls on us, it may draw us closer to God when we use it to look for the good that it can bring. The closer our relationship with our loving God grows, the more sure our outcome becomes. Every setback and every trial soon become great opportunities to see God at work. He can be glorified as we watch His hand and presence work miracles through every situation. So let´s give God the chance to display His power and care today by trusting Him more and thanking Him in advance for leading us where He knows we need to be.


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