Great Rejoicing

In Europe, and in many places in the world, soccer is a pretty big deal. A lot of people get caught up in the excitement of it when it comes time for the world championship games. People get together to watch and cheer on their teams. One year, when the children were young, a woman was at home with the children. Her husband had to work late into the night. Their country´s team made it to the championship match. She was watching the game. Her and the kids painted their faces and waved flags in their own living room. Then, their team won! Outside in the street you could hear cheering. Everyone seemed to have been watching the event! Horns were blowing, people were shouting and chanting. People were jumping into fountains in their cheerful celebration. Do we know that an even greater celebration is being prepared in Heaven right now?

We read in Revelation of the celebration that will take place when God´s plan of salvation finally has won. The struggle of Good will finally put away evil forever! The grace and goodness of God will have worked their wonder and those found in Christ will have triumphed over all the challenges that stood in their way. Victory will be ours! Our prize will be to come into the presence of the King! The angels and all the Heavenly beings will celebrate loudly! Heaven itself will ring with the singing and overwhelming joy! Christ will come again to bring God´s children home! What a celebration that will be! Would we like to be included in the greatest celebration of all?

Dear Lord,

Let our hearts yearn to hear the shout of victory and join in the celebration in the day You bring Your children home, we pray!



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