Up Or Down

It may be easy for us to praise the Lords when we feel Him smiling on us. We sense His blessings pouring down and our hearts rise in worship to Him in gratitude. But other times we could forget that our successes or our triumphs are actually His grace benefitting us and run off to celebrate our good fortune as if it were ours alone. In the same way, our lower moments can trick us into forgetting to go to God. We could feel the pain or pressure that our troubles bring us and let them throw us further upon the Lord. These disheartening moments hold mighty potential to grow our relationship with Christ as we look to Him and lean on Him. Or, we could give in to the deceit that evil hides within them. We could let our self-pity grow instead and refuse to humbly seek our Savior. We could also chastise ourselves in other ways like blaming ourselves for winding up so far from Him. The best way to handle any rise or fall of this roller-coaster life we live is to seek the presence of God in every moment and let all our ups and downs bring us closer to Him!


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