The Good Christian

Too many Christians have been led astray into thinking that to please God means following some strict guidelines set by our churches. While endless dos and don´ts may make church members, the thing that makes children of Heaven is a deep-seated need for the Savior. When we are tricked into believing that our brand of Christianity is the correct one and spend wasted time patting ourselves on the back for having found it, other humble souls refuse to look in any other direction than to Christ. They turn away from the self-congratulating and run to find a quiet place to pray. These humble, burdened souls need to be with their Lord. To be honest to their souls, they must be at the feet of their Redeemer. They long to spend time alone with Him. They are never comfortable defending themselves or excusing themselves because they know they will always need Him. To Jesus, they will go, come rain or shine, day in and day out! The good Christian will always seek out the presence of Christ. The cross they carry will be all that they must shoulder, and all they must turn from, to be with Him. We could do with a few more good Christians today!


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