What Will Do

We run here and there, chasing this new concept and that. We are swift to follow the new outspoken leader who flatters us and says they have found a better way. We love to hear people confirm the ideas we already have chosen as our way of believing. Yet, all the while, Christ waits for humble souls that look for Him. God gave us His Son, not so that we could be more correct than the next guy. We were given Jesus to run to, to seek out, and to find. We can enter in to Him and be with Him throughout our day. We can spend sweet time with Him in the most intense relationship. We can walk with Christ through every moment of every hour. Those precious souls who have found Jesus as their Savior, are not the ones who proclaim it loudly. They are the ones who have chosen to see nothing at all if they cannot see their Lord walking them through every step of the Way.


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