Religion Without God

We have been dealt a mighty blow in our modern age. More people than ever have heard that God exists. But, the concepts they have been selling on Who He is are varied and many of them give no reason worthy of worshipping him. Some pushers of their brand of religion make God out to be a cruel taskmaster or a fun-killer who would have his subjects cringing in fear and wallowing in self-pity. Others go to the opposite extreme and make the Almighty out to be a big cuddly grandpa whose job is to spoil us or let us have our fun. But the worst blow that most of the notions of God could bring us is to make us believe He is distant and unapproachable. However subtly, this heresy is slipped to us, it may be everlastingly deadly. Sin, in essence, is this, that mankind chooses to take away God´s right to be with us and us with Him. God with us, is what Christ preached, and it is what Immanuel means. All effort should be made by anyone seriously considering God, to bring us into an awareness of just how present and close God truly is!


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