We Can Come to Know Christ

The step-by-step methods and strict sets of rules that men will sell us to come unto God are not really designed to bring us before the Holy Unseen Creator of the Universe. They can bring us in line with several human organizations or the ways of thoughts they want us to have. If anyone would choose to truly come before the Lord, the journey starts inside the heart. A break will need to be made from the ways of the world and our first nature. We will need to step where men are not usually willing to go. But the first step of bowing down to learn can be done by the humblest of souls. It will take a broken spirit and some faint yearnings to start our education. We will need to empty ourselves to leave room for a new nature and a new heart. But we will soon be filled as we turn more fully to Him! The Bible will become our map and prayer will connect us with our Guide. Growing some ears to hear will be in order and then we will need to ask for perseverance. The Way is open for us! Let those come who will! Every step closer to Christ will be a step closer to Home and our Heavenly Father!


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