Worship God

I fell down before his feet to worship him. He said to me, “Look! Don’t do it! I am a fellow bondservant with you and with your brothers who hold the testimony of Jesus. Worship God, for the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy.”  Revelation 19:10  WEB

The little girl tentatively approached the priest during the ceremony. The rest of the congregation watched in reverence as she looked up to the man towering above her. She was dressed in a pretty dress and he was wearing the flowing robes and sashes that distinguished him as the ordained priest of the church. He bowed slightly to narrow the distance between him and the little girl and lifted his hand to bless her in the presence of God and the people. When the girl saw his upraised hand, she instantly felt more comfortable as she confused the gesture with the familiar high-five salute. She quickly raised her hand and slapped his with it. The priest´s reverent hold on the congregation was instantly lost. Who or what do we worship?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell just who or what we are being reverent to. It may look like we are only being respectful to the leaders of the service or their set of rules. But, God is waiting for us to turn our attention to Him. A connection needs to be made not just with the priest, nor the system, but rather with our Lord. We need a gesture far more comforting than a high-five and infinitely more personal. We need to approach God in our hearts when we are in service and when we are not. Our lives should turn into a sanctuary where we can walk, talk, and commune with the Almighty! His hand is stretched out, what will we do with ours?

Dear Lord,

Help us see past the rituals and find our Way into Your presence. Let us come to You and worship You now, we pray!



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