The Bible Helps Us

The inspired Word of God is the kind of treasure that cannot be weighed. The value it holds grows as the visitor to its pages absorbs the messages it contains. It is a Book like no other. Those who try to excuse it or reason it, have failed to see that the Holy Scriptures are not earthly in their content. The words written there are not merely for earthly wisdom or knowledge even if they can instruct us and help us in many ways. What the Word of God holds is spiritual and moral food. A sort of magic is present within the pages that can move something deep within us. Our souls may be opened and we can be touched by the Divine. As we read our hearts may be visited by the Spirit of the Lord. Time spent in the Word can be time devoted to our relationship with God. When we come to the Bible with the intent of finding the Lord He is pleased to move into the sphere of our awareness. The presence of God is not a doctrine, it is an experience that we should seek for our very lives! Blessings flow abundantly to the person who comes to the Bible to sit in the presence of the Lord and be fed each day!


2 thoughts on “The Bible Helps Us

  1. Amen , I am so blessed for my mind , body & soul to be renewed daily in Christ by studying the word . The Bible is spiritual edification that strengthens us , it helps us put on the Full Armour of God , each day , to have defense against Satan & his minions , I am so greatful for the brothers & sisters in Christ that I feel fighting this spiritual warfare with me , at this time and upon this plane of existence , I love you and wish you well , go in peace warriors of Christ , AMEN


  2. Greetings my sister in Christ, it is great to hear that you prepare for the warfare that rages around us in spiritual and moral realms each day. Praise be to God that His Son has already triumphed over all that might try and steal us from Him! Cuddle in close by His side and keep our hearts there and all will be well, forever! Peace and God´s blessings to you and thanks for the encouragement. The Lord be with you!


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