Our Focus

When a person comes to believe in God they step out of line with the world and its dark intentions. A child of the world becomes a child of the Kingdom of Heaven and the world will not forgive the treason. Just like a wounded soldier causes more injury and problems for an army, a Christian who is misguided is our enemy´s desire. If a heart that was supposedly devoted to God can be tricked into looking in any direction that is not the Savior or our God, then the deceiver has done his trick. Every effort needs to be made by each professing Christian to set their heart on Jesus and never let anything distract them. We should cling to Christ and diligently seek His presence in every area of our day. He should be the focus of our thoughts. The Lord should be the center of every desire. God should be allowed in, no, persuaded into entering every word we say and every action we do. This is where we should be active; we should actively seek the Lord throughout our day! Pray that the Lord becomes what we focus all we are upon today.


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