The Only Way

A.W. Tozer writes: The sheep need not be terrified of the wolf; they have but to stay close to the Shepherd. (Renewed Day by day)

This world we live in is not perfect. It has been adversely affected by mankind´s choice to turn away from the will of God. He has great plans to restore His creation and us, His fallen beings. But, as long as we are here, we must defend ourselves from the constant attack of the enemy of God. We must also beware of the enticements of this world. Unfortunately, when one looks around, we may only see how the world has already won the hearts and attention of even professed believers of the Lord. Far too few these days are determined to find the Savior and walk closely with Him through our day. Far too few set their hearts on God above all else. Yet this is what we are called to. Every blessing hinges on it. What can we do then, to guard ourselves against any sly attack? What can we do to assure the outcome will find us standing with our Savior? The Only Way to God is still Christ. We must still choose the cross of renunciation, and find a hope building itself up in faith. To have these we must drop everything and make the intention of our heart to be closer always to our Lord and Savior. Seek Him. Walk with Him. Love Him overall. And, refuse to get distracted by anything in this world!


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