Our Mission In Life

If any Christian would like to know how to live here on earth, the answer is to keep Christ always before us and devote our lives to making it possible that God can be present here with us in every moment. We say every Christian because those who choose not to make room for God in their hearts cannot see the importance the Unseen God has for them and their soul´s need to turn to Him. So, the pressure lies with those who believe. We should have such a remarkable faith and such a privileged walk with the Lord, that everyone can see how real and close He is. We should not just speak of faith but learn to practice the presence of God with us at every moment. Anyone who meets us should notice that we have come into the presence of the Divine and that our lives still glow from the experience. Like Moses had to hide the glow when he came from God´s presence, people should know without any doubt that we have been there to some degree too. Approaching the Throne of Grace is not just a future event we must wait for. It is a habit we should cultivate now with every desire in our heart! Tomorrow depends on it!


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