The Same Need

Society and modern thought have always tried hard to set one man above another for whatever reasons. But these differences mean little. Every man, woman, and child that ever walked the face of the earth has needed the same things. Everything we become in life depends upon it too. We need the One who made us. We need the God who put us here for the breath and heartbeat He gives us and the spark of life that makes us living creatures. Sadly, there are far too many who will never know the One who lovingly and deliberately formed us. Tragically, some will not care that He went to such lengths to save us from our own destruction and waywardness. Yet all of Heaven rejoices because there are some from every generation that will care. These blessed souls will see to know their redeemer! The precious ones of God will turn their hearts to seek Him! They will diligently look day and night for the Savior of their souls and they will long for their God with their whole hearts. If we learn what it is that we truly need, then we can turn and seek Christ too!


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