The Alpha and Omega

Far above anything that we can imagine or reason with our minds, God lives in supremacy.  His wisdom not only surpasses ours infinitely but it is nothing like ours. He reasons in ways that make our intelligence into foolishness. His power shows ours to be no power at all. Time does not bow to Him but finds its place in His hands. The Lord is the Beginning and He is the end. Not because He has limits, but because they are terms that are lost in Him! If all the words in the world could describe Him, He would not be the Wonder and Unlimited God that He is! Those beings that stand closest to Him see more than we do, and they fall at His feet and cry out their praises to His unspeakable glory! If in Him our beginnings start and in Him our endings are hidden, then He deserves to be in everything in between. Pray not that we are close to God now and again, but that we learn to live in His presence always!


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