The Person Who Comes

The people who approach the Lord with the sincere intention of spending time in His very presence are a special breed of people. They are few and far between even though many will profess their belief in God loudly. These special souls are not usually the loud sort. They don´t always have a clever word to give or a catchy phrase. They have learned a secret that the proud or people-praising ones have not caught yet. They know that the humble soul that comes with a need to be held by their God, will be comforted. The child of God that comes seeking to hear from the whisper of the Spirit will be the one who hears. The simple heart of trust and need moves the great heart of our Lord. He is pleased to pour out spiritual blessings upon the hearts that seek Him for those blessings. The crazy world of other lusts will chase all kinds of treasures. But the outward treasures will never compare to those that are spiritually gained!

Oh Lord,

Teach our hearts of the indescribable joys that come from being near You and feeding from Your presence we pray!



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