Time Alone With God

Our modern age has grown so full of distractions that we would be considered strange if we resisted the idea of running off to get something done. Hustling about is how we are taught we gain all that we should have in this life. But it is a lie. The things we need the most we do not get by hustle and bustle. We need God. We need the most intimate and fulfilling walk with Him. We need an ongoing conversation and engagement with the Lord. These are things that running off to involve ourselves in the million tasks of the day can never gain for us. Cultivating our relationship with Christ takes a great deal of quiet time alone with Him. Learning to hear the still small voice of God can only be done when we escape from the whirlwind of our day. Emptying our spirits and inviting the Holy Spirit to fill us and make His home within our hearts will only ever happen if we can find ourselves free enough to be with Him! Let us make every effort today to resist our urge to go and do, and seek out our precious moments with the Lord!


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