Nothing But

We are funny creatures. We say we love God but then spend little effort or time building our relationship with Him. We say we believe in the Holy Bible but then do not see that the words it holds are to be lived, not just agreed with. We were never called to come to a logical conclusion or agreement of what is written. We are called into a walk, a relationship like no other in our lives. If we have friends or family that we share a highly satisfying and intimate relationship, we should understand that the one we share with the Lord should make all other relationships seem small in comparison. Even the fact that someone needs to tell us that we should be seeking a sweeter walk with our Savior, should tell us that we have been tricked out of the most essential part of our lives! Seek ye first the spiritual freedom that comes from being with God and all the rest will find its real value. Never settle for a fine teaching or gratifying thought unless it puts you breathlessly into the presence of God! We need to learn that anything that robs us of personal engagement with the Savior does us harm and keeps us from seeking God as we should!


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