Seek the Spirit

Some teachings these days try to lift mankind to unscriptural heights. The man or woman of God will indeed be a formidable creature. It is true. But this will never come from our own strength or cleverness. Every man, woman, and child that has ever walked the face of the earth will and always has needed God. We all do and we should all want Him with the greatest urgency and necessity. We talk of Heaven, but Heaven is where we will be ushered into God´s immediate presence to be with Him forever. The only ones who will get there are the ones honestly seeking that particular union. We do not need golden streets or mansions in the sky. We need the bond between the Father and our souls! We need to walk with our Savior and King. We need a Spirit in us filling us more of Him and leaving less of what we were before! Let´s set our hearts hard on having the Spirit of God in every part of our lives!


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