Joy Untold

Every once in a while we come across a person who has had a real encounter with God. Their reality was altered in some way to let that person know without a doubt that the Lord was there with them in that moment. These encounters, usually humble a soul beyond belief and can even leave the poor believer trembling. But, although meeting God can leave us undone, there is no other experience in life that can compare! It may be pleasing to read or hear that God cares and is near. But, to truly live through it in person is indescribably amazing. It will surprise the blessed worshipper to realize the heights to which our hearts can rise in pleasure! Joy will thrill our hearts and may leave us reeling for ages! Those who have experienced being in the presence of God will instantly be addicted to that high and will spend the rest of their days seeking to be there with the Lord again! Oh, if only there were more of us looking for and working determinedly towards being found in the presence of God!


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