Power of Prayer

All of God´s mighty power is ready to be activated in His creation. We stand to witness His wisdom and strength and perhaps even play a part in His great plan of salvation. When we pray, we can become His chosen catalyst working towards His goals and His goodwill. But, for all the good that prayer may bring, we must learn how our prayers go from words thrown into space and turn them into powerful moments of spiritual union. For us to reach a point where God can display His hand and move it powerfully in our day, our prayers need to make a connection. We cannot carelessly or hurridly toss up our prayers to a distant God that may or may not hear us. We must pray as if we are talking to our most intimate Friend. We must ascend in our hearts to a place where we bow before Him within His very presence. When we see that our words reach His ears for the sureness of our moment with Him, then He is more than happy to move into the sphere of our awareness. God can and will be please to show us His wisdom and strength. It is time we learn to pray in a way where we stand to see God in action! Let´s start now!

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