Who Is Left

There may be people still today who go to church or hold their devotional times. But these days are dark and little time has been left for pondering over the Wonder that is our God. We rush off to get a million things done. We have to take care of so much business that less and less time is spent on lifting up our Lord. Even our worship services can become so routine and structured that the heart has little time to spend adoring our Savior. Too often we feel like we should be reserved people that are unoffensive instead of striving to be people overcome with love and praise for our God. When we read John´s account of Heaven in the book of Revelation, those who worship before the throne seem more concerned with the One sitting on that throne than anything or anyone else. They fall on their knees or give their praise as their hearts respond to His glory and majesty! We could stand to take a good hard look at where we are with the Lord today. Surely no one will be allowed to come before God´s throne one day that refuses to learn the lost art of worshipping the One who sits on that throne now.

See Revelations 4 and 5


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