We need to beware of the times in which we live. Our chances of coming to know and walk with God will be robbed away from us right under our noses if we are not aware of what is going on. Dark powers that rule our day are mounting up their greatest deceit and trickiest attack on our souls. They would not have any more hearts come unto the Lord and find salvation in the Savior. We must be watchful even over concepts and doctrines. It is possible that we may be convinced of truth and therefore think we are safe, while our hearts are far from coming near Him or coming to know Him. We must wisely use every bit of spiritual knowledge to draw us closer in heart to God. We must actively seek Him every moment we can or our chances to be with Him are being stolen from us. If anything holds us from our quest of growing our relationship with the Savior, we are deceived. If anything gives us a reason to overlook our walk with Christ, then we wander down our own paths without Him. Let us beware today! Let us all keep our eyes open and turn every opportunity into a chance to grow closer to God!


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