In our crazy rat-race these days, we find ourselves dreaming of  a place where we will find peace. Many people look forward to a holiday that they are planning or a day off. But often, those times can be just as stressful and busy. Other people can get the notion that once they reach a certain financial peak or a status at work or school, then they will be at peace. However we see it, what we call peace may never come or is too short-lived to improve our condition much. There is a peace though, like no other! There is a peace that comes to some of us. There is a blissful rest that comes to ones who realize what is truly needed to get it. The precious soul who discovers the joy of walking with the Lord reaches this lofty peak. Every sunrise and every sunset and a million moments in between provide them with their moments of peace. It is a sweet and enjoyable thing to drop our worry and stress and just revel in the nearness of the Lord. We too can have this peace. But we will have to stop our scurrying about and learn to just be with Him. Shall we now?


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