The Presence of God

Science has tried, but it has not been able to give us God. Our world was carefully designed and is meticulously maintained by the Almighty, but that world has not been able to show us Him either. The presence of God should resound to us and be gloriously evident all around. But to have the ears to hear, a soul must turn to Him. We must seek Him. We will need to find ways to get still. We will need to be silent. We must actually WANT to be in His presence to ever encounter ourselves in His presence. We will have to turn away from ourselves, our ways, our fancy ideas, and our clever reasonings. God longs to open our awareness to His presence, His glory, and His care. But it will take a special kind of believer who will diliberately take the steps to draw near to Him. Let´s make every effort to experience comeing into the presence of the Lord and grow our relationship with Him today!


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