Teach Us To Listen

We know how Jesus used the expression. We have read it in the Bible. “He who has ears, let him hear.” If those words do not stop us in our tracks, then who knows what will! If we read them or hear them and do not seek out a quiet place to draw near to our Lord, then how can there be any hope for us? It separates mankind in a way that leaves no doubt. There will clearly be the ones who care not to know what God would like us to hear in this instant. It also sets apart a different sort of individual. Individual, because few will choose to be this kind of person. But, although they are few, they are precious in the Father´s eyes. These are the ones who need to hear. They need to hear because of a secret bent inside of their souls that cannot go on without hearing from Him! They will seek the Lord even if their physical ears have not allowed them the pleasure. They will take great pains and go to any length to grow some spiritual ears that will enable them to hear the voice of their Savior. They will take what little they have found of God, and use it to gain them more of Him. These will not rest. They will not be satisfied until the stillest, softest voice of the Holy Spirit is booming daily in their new ears!

Oh Lord, please give us ears to hear! Then, teach us to listen! Do not let us harden our hearts but help us run to our knees to find out how to listen for You! Amen

See: Matthew 11, Mark 4, Luke 8 and 14, and Revelation 2 and 3


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