To Have the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is not a priviledged extra Prize that a select few are fortunate to have been given. The Spirit of God is the essential  tie to our Lord that each of us should seek as our lives depend on it. The presence and power of God can and should fill us from the inside, driving us, moving us, teaching us, and carrying us further and further into the will of God. But this crucial connection with our Lord will not happen by accident or coincidence. The Spirit of Christ is to be sought after. We must leave the comfort of our homes as the people of Christ´s day who went out to Him in the wilderness. We all must pass this test. The Holy Spirit is the proof that we have chosen to belong to God, but we must go after our Prize or we will never have it! Drop anything we are doing. Set our souls to seeking Him! Find our Helper and we will surely find our Way into the arms of the Lord! Happy hunting to every blessed heart who will go after the Spirit with the intention of being filled and directed by the Mysterious Presence of God!


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