Finding God Here

There is no other engagement that mankind can put themselves to that has to power to overwhelm us like realizing that God is here! When a realization sweeps over a person it is sure to leave that person reeling for days. We walk around most of the time and some even their whole lives as if the Lord were not present. God has never left His universe to go and live far away like some people secretly think. He is here, closer than our thoughts. God is with us at this moment whether we realize it or not. However, fewer and fewer people stop their busy schedules these days to listen, to look, to sense His presence. When or if someone ever does, it can change our lives. Even one moment felt within the presence of God is enough to turn a person´s life completely around. If we have had the exhilarating experience of waking up to the realization of the presence of the Lord, we would happily and determinedly seek more of Him each day forever! Search on, precious believer, our reward is with Him!


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