Dark Times

Where do we go when we are feeling down? Often when times are tough we may be tempted to feel sorry for ourselves. We focus on what causes our pain or how bad it hurts us. This is all very normal and perhaps part of the healing process. But, if we carry on with these unfavorable sentiments, we are not helping the situation nor taking advantage of any blessing that the ordeal could bring us. However, if we realize that the situation provides us with yet another chance to draw closer to the Lord, then the blessings can follow. If we turn to the Lord in direct proportion to the pain that we feel, then we connect ourselves to God to that degree. The greater the grief or more life-threatening, the more we should lean on Him. When we go to the Lord with such urgency and such singleness of hope, He will respond. God´s unending love is not altered by our seeking Him. Instead it is us who make a breakthrough in our faith and bond with Him. So let us take our every opportunity and let every dark time send us seeking the Light with more intensity


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