To Prove God

We have been tricked into thinking that we alone are intelligent and we are the only ones worthy of saying what is true or false. For this reason, the more we learn, the harder it is to convince ourselves that our opinions are not the correct ones. Our scientists and philosophers spend endless amounts of time in debate and still come away with such varying conclusions. There is nothing wrong with being intelligent until our pride keeps us from learning things that the brain is not the best at detecting. When we move into the spiritual realm, we step outside and above the circle of human wisdom and reach heights where we need Divine help. To step into Holy territory and think thoughts worthy of God, the human will have to swallow pride. Not everyone is willing to do that. To gaze at an unseen God and sense His Presence, we will have to set aside the brain and ask that our powers and sense of the soul are heightened. This means asking for help. Where can we go for that? We will have to go to our knees. We should come to the Son. We will have to search the words that speak of the All-wise Originator of All things. Although the Bible has been used for ages as a weapon by some, it forever stands as a true source by which our souls may be awakened. Every person alive could learn more of our infinite God. The question is who is willing to humble themselves and get down to encountering Him!


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