What Prayer Should Be

There may be many kinds of prayer made by the sons and daughters of this world. But for the sons and daughters of our Father´s Kingdom, we must demand a certain level of sincerity. It does not depend on how long or short our prayers are to determine if they reach their intended purpose. What does matter is if God´s presence and His will are truly sought. It does not require any certain number of flowery words but rather that those words and the sentiment behind them are genuinely conveyed to the Lord. The intentions behind the prayers count too and may make our prayers into true prayers indeed or remove any hope of their effectiveness. When we pray our words and our intentions should well up from the spirit inside of us with the full intention of being received and pleasing to the Spirit of God. Even though any distance from God may seem painfully present, the prayer should be our most determined effort to bridge every gap that our soul may encounter between us and our Savior! Pray often. Pray wholeheartedly. Pray with every conviction that our words must be received and effectively draw us closer to the Lord and more tied to Him. If we learn to pray in a way that honors God and pleases Him to let us spend time in His presence, then our prayers will be the sweet communion that they should be! So, let us pray on with the full intention of those words bringing us right unto the Lord. We will be rewarded if we do!


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