Never Away From God

Wherever we find ourselves today and in whatever situation, we are sure to have a million distractions that will try to steal our thoughts and our hearts away from God. Anything at all that draws us away or prevents us from walking with our Savior through this day will not help us. Rather, everything that is sent to keep us preoccupied or held at length from turning to Christ has actually been cleverly orchestrated by darkness to keep us from Him. We cannot afford to walk outside of the Light. We cannot let anything keep us from having the Spirit of the Lord with us, in us, and guiding us through our day. If we wake up from our mad rush and the many distractions and find that more of God´s presence could be felt. Let us seek it immediately. Let us drop what we are doing and find a way and a place to pray. Even if we can only steal a moment, it will do wonders for our relationship with the Lord. Let us find more of these moments all the time to turn our attention to the Holy One and bring our hearts back to Him. The more often, the better. The closer we can come to Him, the stronger our bond will become. If we go to our knees, we can grow closer to our Savior! Let us find the Way somehow today!


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