The Rarest Most Beautiful Thing

Looking around us these days it may seem that the devil and the world have already conquered the souls of everyone. That a person would step out and willingly choose to go against the crowd in our day and age is a rare thing indeed. Almost down to the last man, woman and child, all of us chase the things of this world and our hearts go out to what everyone else has. We worship like those around us, we think like the people around us that we find agreeable. We go after and demand to get whatever our hearts fancy. God has been taken far away from being the one single thing we seek above all else. Even in church circles, if there be any that have survived our latest crisises, we sit back complacently with what our brains can grasp or with a set of doctrines to subscribe to. Where are the souls that search for knowledge of God? Where are the ones who would know Him personally instead of merely knowing ABOUT Him? Who is there left, who would rather spend a moment undone in the presence of the Lord, than to gain all that this world has to offer? Come soon dear Savior! If not, we fear there will be none left looking for You at all!


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