The Secrets of Knowing God

It may be common to try to reason God into being. The Bible has little encouragement for the proud thinkers. Instead, we are called to use faith. Faith believes God is near regardless of every argument man has to prevent us from coming to know Him. Spiritual things will be spiritually discerned. To gain knowledge of what we cannot physically see, we need to begin using other senses that awake only when our busy thinking subsides. The soul comes alive to the Spirit when we learn to control our urge to figure God out. Our senses awake to the mysterious movement of the Spirit when we stop listening to the cold voices of science, psychology, and philosophy. Our call comes from a loving Being far above man´s highest thoughts. He has long yearned for our hearts to open so that we can enter into an intimate relationship. God wants to lead us step-by-step into acute awareness and deep inner knowledge of Him. If we want to learn of the Lord, we would do well to get quiet and pray to have our hearts opened. We must learn to listen carefully for whispers of higher, holier, kinder, and loftier understanding that will feed us from above! Then we will be ready to be made aware of the presence of God and we will come to know Him more each day!


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