The Kind of Faith

Mankind has a propensity to getting things mixed up. Countries begin with high ideals and morals then, over the years begin following the other greedy nations around them. Soon their leaders are corrupt too. Great charity organizations are founded under wonderful humanitarian concerns and do loads of good for many needy people. But then, with time, the movement of large amounts of money slowly reduces the concerns for the same humans they were intended for and leaves the company with greater concerns of running the business. This can even happen in the churches. In places where we should come together to lift our eyes and our hearts in praise and focus on the God of Wonder, we may fall into the traps of running our organization. We could shift our focus away from coming to know the Savior and find ourselves trying to stand on our actions or defending our doctrines. It is tragic, but when it comes to faith in God, it could cost us our lives. We cannot afford to let our faith take a wrong path or slide into a belief that is less than effective in bringing us closer to Him. Where faith in God will determine our eternal fate there is one place we should go to get right and stay right. Let us go to the Lord, in all honesty, today and make it our mission to walk with Him always!

Note: Although we have used this photo from a free-rights website, we are quite certain that it is a Photoshop-creation and that the girl was never really in danger of being swallowed by a deadly croc. Pray that we too are kept from harms way by how closely we are walking with our Lord!


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