Hope in a World Gone Crazy

When it seems the world has gone crazy, let our hope set firmly on Christ. He did not want us to be in the dark about what God´s plans for us are. If we would get our problems out of our vision and the Lord looming ever fuller into view, then our hearts will never need to despair. Just when we think our politicians can´t abuse their power anymore, just when we think society can´t lower its morals or standards, or just when we think that injustice has triumphed over good, we will see our God restore all things. Prophecy told us that God knew these things must come to be. But, they also share with us the fact that every teary eye will be dried. Every broken heart will be mended. We can´t place our hope in our fallen world. But we can encourage ourselves with the knowledge that God is good and that He is working out His plan of salvation. If we learn to walk with Him now, we will soon see. If we set our hope and our faith in the Lord, then we do not need to worry about the state of our world. It is in good hands. Let the world run its course, we are only drawing nearer the Day of Restoration! Rejoice! We will soon see our God face to face!


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