Physical or Spiritual Salvation

In recent times we have undergone a worldwide upheaval and panic over physical health. Yet people are born or die as they have for centuries. We hear of a kind of health that would change considerably our outlook on the whole human existence. We are called to look at our relationship with the One who put us here and gives us this gift we call life. We could pay more attention to vaccines, distancing, or protective devices our whole lives through, but these things will never replace our need to work out with the Lord what responsibilities we have when it comes to our moral or spiritual state. There are some people, however, who will turn away from the mad scramble of our day, and look up towards God above. The idea of seeking God and developing our relationship with Him may not be the popular thing to do these days. But the blessed souls that will try, can find a peace that those who trust only in science or trends of our day will never be able to find. Those who choose to place their overall health in the caring hands of the Almighty and loving God can set their hearts on being with Him. In doing this, our eternal, spiritual, and moral health may all be preserved. Let´s turn to the Lord in earnest and pray for the day when all will be well, forever!


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