Know Of God or Know God

Every once in a while you may hear a person speaking of God with a different urgency in their voice. It may not sound like the usual chatter about him or even the typical flattery. Instead, we may get the sense that this person has been moved somehow deep within their soul. They might not know how to express their sentiments about the Lord, but all that person needs to do is open their mouth and their love-struck adoration shines through. Their love reaches far above the complacent community of believers who file dutifully along following the crowd. These blessed souls have had their hearts quicked somehow or at some stage. They have broken through an invisible veil that separates man from our Unseen God. The have made it into His Presence. The have done what it took to meet Him personally. They have learned a lost art of seeking the Lord despite the distractions and noise of our current day. Their hearts have bowed bewildered before their Burning Bush and knelt undone by what the Almighty has revealed of Himself unto them. That their words cannot express it, their devotion to Him and adoration will surely be evident. These are the precious jewels in the crown of our Savior. Their souls were purchased with a heavy price. Let us be the ones who go beyond what the rest are doing and make sure that we come before the Lord today to know Him personally and walk with Him each day!


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