Thank the Lord

Even while we are feeling sorry for ourselves for some reason, there are surely a million other things that God has done or is doing for us that we should be grateful for. He pours out His gifts upon the children He loves without even while we go on acting as if we deserved it. There is no way that we will ever be able to thank God for the gift of life, love, loved ones, or an endless list of blessings we receive all the time. But even though it would be impossible to thank Him for all that He does, it would not hurt us to try! Surely it pleases Him to see even one leper come back to say thanks. Our Lord longs to shower us with the gifts of His love, how much happier will He be when He sees that we appreciate His gestures and love Him in return. Let us pray for a grateful heart and that we learn to show God that His blessings were not wasted on us!


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