The New

I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth have passed away, and the sea is no more.   Revelation 21:1  WEB

In an old village in a corner of Spain on top of some steep hills, the tourists left their car in a parking area. They walked from their up through the narrow cobbled streets. A tourist center sold them tickets to see the ancient castle and a guide opened the door for them to go inside. But when the family came through the high walls of the castle, they found themselves standing inside a bull-fighting ring. Their guide explained to them how, many years after the castle had been abandoned, the townsfolk wanted a place to hold their traditional festivities. The only flat area was available on the hilltop was the interior of the old castle. Do we know that after all has been accomplished with the earth, something new will come?

Scriptures tell us that the earth as we know is headed for a change. We have had our churches, our castles, and our heritages for many ages. Yet all the while, God has been working on something grand. His plan of redemption includes a New Heaven and a New Earth. We cannot imagine what they will be like, but they will be nothing like the old. We can stand in our disbelief and we can also brush off the idea as being too far in the future. Or, we could prepare a place inside of our hearts. If we can find some flat area, perhaps the Lord could build something lasting inside of our souls. Why not turn to Christ today and start coming to know Him more? We may be pleasantly surprised with what will come!

Dear Lord,

Let Your promised Kingdom come! Prepare our hearts so that we will live to see it and be a part of it forever, we pray!



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