What We Need The Most

We have all seen epic films or read books where all that is evil mounts up against good. This fictional situation is derived from something that is happening in real life. Good is far outnumbered as it is so much easier to give in to greed, hatred, and suspicion. The road is wider and much more traveled. The only hope lies in those few precious souls who would stand in the face of the storm. They will choose to seek out the almost hidden paths that lead to righteousness and to the Lord at last. These heroes of faith choose to know God regardless of the cost and will go to their knees while the proud worldlings would stand to prevent them. If only we could see how short our time is, perhaps more of us would make a more determined effort to seek the Presence of the Divine. We need God as close to us as we can get. We need Christ our Savior as our Hope, our Guide, and our Strength. We need the Holy Spirit in us, with us, and before us now like never before! Let us get serious about finding Him today!


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