Make Something Of Our Relationship

We could easily live out our numbered days here on earth and never truly step beyond holding a few correct doctrines. It is great to hold to the belief in God and some notions of how we should behave. But our obligation is not to stick to any certain train of human thought or speculation. We are each to come to know God. This excuses no one. Every one of us must either be found to be loving, trusted friends with the Savior of our souls, or, be disappointed in the end. Should anyone try to sell us a religion that does not bring us directly to the feet of the Lord, it will not turn out well for us. Should we fail to walk with our Master, we will never find our Way. If we try to stand on anything else than an intimate relationship that we have worked hard to develop between us and our Maker, we will soon see that we have been deceived. Let us all go running to our knees. Let us seek the Lord with an intensity and a sincerity that draws us closer to God each day! Nothing else will do!


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