Real Faith Is Lived

Many say that they have faith in God. But, until we take our wishful thinking and make something of it, we are just spouting out words. We should live a life of faith in God where He is what we are looking to, He is where we are focused, He is what we seek, rather than chasing all that we chase in this life and then simply say that it was for God. To test the caliber of our faith we can never trust ourselves. We cannot possibly look at others. Each one of us must take up our standing with God, directly with Him! We can boast, we can try to convince ourselves, but until we go to the Lord in all honesty, we haven´t yet begun to live out our faith. Yet, when we do approach His throne, when we do prove to seek Him in our hearts before all else, and when we go the distance to find our Savior and get to know Him personally, then we are getting somewhere. It is a journey. It starts with the tiniest of steps. But if we would make our professed faith real, then set these hearts on God and let nothing stand between us and coming into His presence today!


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